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Company Profile

This is a engineering machinery manufacturer with 100 years boom development course, which had ever created more than one milestones as “China NO.1”.Especially early in 1984, FuWa Heavy Industry first developed hydraulic crawler crane in China, and declared to the world that the beginning of nationalized production of China hydraulic crawler crane……

FuWa Heavy Industry Mechinery Co,Ltd is (FuWa Heavy Industry for short) is the one that as development& research, manufacture and sales integrated engineering machinery enterprise. The company set up in 1904, its former was Fushun Excavator with 100 years development history, which had the longest history within the engineering manufacture enterprise in China, and made great contributions to the development of Chinese national industry. While over 60 years of China foundation, the century FuWa is pride for its 20 thousand products spread all over the world’s construction site.
FuWa heavy industry is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic crawler crane, which has long history, compete range of products and comprehensive competitiveness. The company has involved in developing engineering cranes for nearly 30 years and accumulated the abundant manufacturing experience and a highly skilled workforce. Up to 2010, the company now has owned 25 types of  QUY series brand-new products in 18 ton grade ranging from 25 to 1250. Especially, the first independent R&D of super large ton grade QUY1250 coming out in Aisa, shows great R&D strength of our enterprise, furthermore, openning the prologue of FuWa Heavy Industry to the super large ton grade market. At present, FuWa Heavy Industry is developing&researching 3200 ton grade hydraulic crane, which is used for the installation of new-generation nuclearpower units .
In June,2009, FuWa Heavy Industry took over JinZhou Heavy to build up sole subsidiary company“LiaoNing FuWang Jinzhou Machinery Co,Ltd”, and making full use of manufacturing resources of truck cranes, combined R&D concepts of FuWa international products to develop brand-new series of products, which should be in accordance with international standards.
When facing the market competition under new suitations, FuWa Heavy Industry is always carrying out the management concepts, those are getting victory with best quality and gaining development with innovation to fasten and reinforce the core advantages of enterprise. At the same time, supervise and exalt the services continuously, make the customents’rights get guaranteed. The clear organization, scientific operation procedures, specific personal responsibility and standard operation rules have settled firmly base to realize sustainable development of FuWa Heavy Industry.
Throughout the 7years’rapid development after its transformation,FuWa Heavy Industry has gained outstanding achivements,and business performance incrased a lot.In 2009, FuWa ranked Top 10 of global traveling crane sales earnings; moreover, FuWa Heavy Industry was selected as Top 10 enterprises of global traveling crane in  “2010 global traveling crane summiting meeting”,which was held by China Engineering Machinery Association Crane Branch.
In 2010, FuWa Heavy Industry occupies another 400 thousand sq.m in the China largest and integrated “Liao Ning Equipment Manufacturing Base” to planned construct a international advanced crawler crane R&D base, which has great impact on the national crawler crane markets, and has far-reaching importance for the improvements of manufacturing capacity for national hydraulic crawler crane and engagements in the international competition.
In the future, FuWa Heavy Industry will make full use of years’ experience and core competitive advantage to boost the development of enterprise throughout the “Fineness—Diversification--Internationalization”; to make up a integrated machinery manufacturer, which takes crawler crane as a support industry, and relys on the development of truck crane, mining excavator, pile-driving machinery, and looks forward to entering into world-class enterprises.
FuWa Heavy Industry bears revitalized national industry on its shoulder. When it strives for personal development, and it also reforms the development of people’s livehood, makes every effort to build up harmonious market environment. With great confidence, FuWa will make continuous contributions for the growing up of national industry!





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